15 sounds of V8 engines/ misfire and dynamic star/ phone control/ easy installation/ free sound test/ free worldwide delivery/ any car from 2009
iXsound Active Electronic Exhaust is a loudspeaker system from the manufacturer that reproduces the exhaust sounds of V8 engines, making the car sound more powerful and louder. The system fits every petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicle from 2009. It doesn't require welding, drilling or intervention in the vehicle's original systems. Installation takes only a couple of hours and you'll experience a lifetime of driving fun and excitement. If you're gonna change your car just reinstall the system!
What is the system iXsound made of?
The speakers. Our speakers are rectangular in shape - 363x110x115mm and 363x120x145mm. They fit under the rear bumper and are invisible from the outside. The drivers are designed for maximum protection from moisture and system's reliability. The high performance speakers offer enhanced performance and a wide frequency range to reproduce the sound of sports car exhaust systems as accurately as possible. We can identify the optimum configuration for your particular vehicle.

The electronic module. It acquires the information required for the sound reproduction from the car's on-board network, and communicates with a mobile app for sound tuning. Now the system has 15 powerful and loud V8 exhaust sounds, misfires and a dynamic start option.

Connecting wire. It connects the electronic module, the vehicle's system and speakers. The default wiring always goes to two speakers, so if you buy one speaker first and still decide to put in a second one later on, it's easy to connect it.

Warranty. The package comes with all fasteners, wiring instructions. Our system`s warranty is 2 years.The lifetime is unlimited.
Loud sounds, powerful misfires and dynamic start
Our media library now consists of 15 powerful and loud exhaust sounds. All these sounds were recorded from real cars and reproduce the sound of the exhaust system as closely as possible. Select the sound, add kick-ups and dynamic startup if you like, adjust the tone and volume of the idle speed, adjust the dynamics of the sound when revs are ramped up. And enjoy the powerful sound of legendary cars. Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.

  • AUDI RS6
  • BMW M5
  • BMW X6M
Sound test
The sound of an active exhaust will be different on each car as the result depends on the engine, accelerator pedal, electronics and baud rate of the particular car. iXsound can be connected via the OBD diagnostic connector before installation, and you can listen to the system sounds on your car before its full installation. Other brands don't have it.
Installation and operation
The Installation of iXsound takes 4 simple steps. Just a few hours and no welding or drilling required. You will keep your original dealer warranty, there will be no problems with the servicing workshop, and you can always move the system to another vehicle if necessary.

Step 1: Put the system under the rear bumper and secure it with a mounting kit.

Step 2: Connect to the on-board power supply near the fuse box and to the CAN bus near the diagnostic socket.

Step 3: Download the iXsound mobile app to your phone.

Step 4: Configure and control the exhaust sound from the mobile app or from the buttons in the passenger compartment.

The electronic module reads engine speed and load information from the CAN bus, and uses the information from the Bluetooth mobile app to process the information and send a signal to speakers, which outputs the sound from the exhaust system.
Set-up and control
Once the system is installed, you download the iXsound mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and run the app, it will automatically connect to the system's control unit. You're all set! Control the sound of your car through the mobile app:
  • turn the system on and off;
  • select a sound from a replenished media library;
  • customize the bounce and dynamic start;
  • adjust the tone and idle volume;
  • adjust the dynamics of the sound as the revs increase.
Depending on the make and model of vehicle, we select the optimum solution for the customer. Our system comes in four versions: Standard (one standard speaker 363x110x115 mm), Standard Plus (one king-size speaker 363x120x145 mm), Premium (two standard speakers 363x110x115 mm) and Premium Plus (two king-size speakers 363x120x145 mm).
Distinguishing features from similar systems on the market
  • Quality of the sound and volume
    The car gets the sound of a sporty "thoroughbred" car with V8 engine volume (your car will sound more aggressive and powerful).

    15 exhaust sounds of top-of-the-range cars, exhaust misfires, an option of dynamic start and possibility of personal adjustment all these are our differences from other brands.
  • Easy installation
    Installation of the system does not require welding and additional brackets, and takes only 2-3 hours. No need to weld to the body or to the exhaust pipes. Since there is no tampering with the car's regular systems, new cars are not removed from the dealer's warranty.
  • Sound test
    This is our know-how! Demonstration of the system sound BEFORE installation on YOUR car. It is not possible for our competitors. You can listen to the sound in a demo car where the system was already installed. But the sound can be different in your car.
  • Easy to control
    The system is set up and controlled from a mobile phone (you can turn on/off, control volume and sound settings, adjust additional options).
  • An efficient investment
    You can change cars, more than once, and iXsound stays with you. You simply reinstall the system in a new car.
  • Best value
    Dreaming of a loud, powerful sound? We'll help you to find the best solution for both price and sound. Just leave an enquiry and we'll calculate the best price for your car.
Write us and we will answer all your questions!
Manufacturer: iXsound OU, location address: Tallinn, Vesivärava 50- 201, 10152, Estonia